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Wavy Curly Hair Wig Accessories

Wavy Curly Hair Wig Accessories

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1) Women Lady Ribbon Ponytail With Steel comb
2) 80grams per piece
3) 10cm widthX55cm length
4) Wavy
5) 27 Kinds of colours available


6) Material: Heat Resistance Synthetic Hair


How to care:
1) Put the wig into lukewater with the wild shampoo for 5 minutes,Shake and Rub gently
2) Rinse thoroughly in cool water again
3) After shampooing squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel
4) Clean up with towel and let it dry naturally.
5) Please do not use hair drier or put it expose to intense heat
6) To Maintain the wavy texture from frizzing,minimize brushing and pulling of the hair

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