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This design is available for the following iPhone models:

 iPhone 4/4s    iPhone 5/5s   iPhone 5c   iPhone 6   iPhone 6 Plus  iPod Gen 5 Touch  Samsung Galaxy S3  Samsung Galaxy S4  Samsung Galaxy S5  HTC ONE X

 Material :
High quality PU leather
Looks great and good touch feeling !

Baby borders and the inside of the organic resin material, plastic material, the use of advanced metal plating.
Organic resin material characteristics: no deformation, not easily wear, toughness good. Plus special plating metallic luster spray surface, strong sense of metal, and does not fade, mirror treatment.
(Note: The edge of this shell put more below the edge of the phone is such a unique design, easy removal)
The back of a small sheep skin design, stylish and simple and generous non-slip scratch resistant shock! Perfect design.