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Glowing Obsidian Dragon Bead Bracelet

Glowing Obsidian Dragon Bead Bracelet

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Black Dragon Mens Bracelet

This beautiful zen mala bead mens bracelet looks magnificent during the day and striking in the night. It brings about physical as well as spiritual well-being and strength.

It has a Dragon that symbolizes of primordial power. It is master of all elements: fire, water, air, and earth. As a spirit guide, it makes a powerful ally in our daily life with its amazing restorative and potent qualities. The perfect bead bracelet for mala meditation. 108 is considered a sacred number in Buddhism and Hinduism. Malas, such as our Black Dragon Mala bead bracelet, are used while reciting mantras during meditation.

This black stone dragon mens bracelet reminds you to be mindful. As it also attracts all good things. It has a great look for both day or night. But ofcourse, at night it glows from its luminous glow in the dark bead.

  • Beads size 8mm or 6mm 
  • Material: Stone
  • Chain Type: Men's Beaded Bracelet


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