Cowboy Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

$17.99 was $23.99

This toothpaste dispenser has a tape board on its back. Attach it to a tile wall, mirror or glass window. Then place a toothbrush on its cute little hands. The dispenser allows you to quickly, easily dispense toothpaste directly onto your brush. Great decoration and bathroom toys for children bathroom. The product set-in-one, doll mouth can automatically extrusion toothpaste, the micro grip of his hands were clever design became a toothbrush holder, big belly into a magnet positioning cups, mugs, no matter how placed, the cups will be automatically rotated to the front, in order to maintain the integrity of the doll modeling.

- No batteries required
- Can mostly hand up two toothbrushes
- Toothpaste Dispenser : 6.9" x 8"( 17.5cm x 20.5cm)
- Prevent Dust and Stagnant Water for the Cup.